Event Security

DIC4 event security services are designed to augment your existing security program. We provide undercover, covert, plain-clothes armed or unarmed technical security experts. We utilize our NOMAD technology, our mobile command post, aerial drone surveillance, and technical expertise to protect you and your attendees at your event. Our teams of professionals are behavior analysts and profilers with military backgrounds. We can either add this technical component to your existing security plan or devise a holistic package for risk analysis, protection, and detection.

By setting up a NOMAD camera surveillance perimeter, will provide a serious deterrent to a potential threat or mischievous activity. See our photos of some of the events at which DIC4 has provided security, and our background ranges providing our NOMAD surveillance systems that protected the president, used by Secret Service and Law Enforcement to providing a two-man plain-clothes armed detail for a multi-million-dollar private open house function.

Our systems and technology are used by law enforcement to perform during these exact types of operations. We design systems for law enforcement, and we have that capability in-house and ready to deploy.

Direct Insight has the equipment and training to provide security for political conventions, sporting events, awards shows, entertainment events, high-value property open houses, corporate marketing events, and product sales rollouts. DIC4’s Event Security division provides unparalleled safety, security and peace of mind.

For corporate events and other occasions, DIC4 focuses on advanced planning, threat, problem prevention, crowd control; and, when necessary, crisis response. Our management teams are skilled at understanding and planning the event security process and working with the client, while our personnel are trained to be polite and professional, while assuring the safety and security of event attendees.

A broad range of security resources is available to meet the needs of major corporations, entertainment industry executives, political events, and every other type of activity where a secure environment is required. We will analyze the needs and develop a strategy to use the technology and methods necessary to meet the objectives of the event.


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