GPS Tracking

Protect assets and know what’s happening in your business! DIC4 Tracking Systems provides state-of-the art GPS fleet tracking, routing, and management systems for small and large fleets, as well as individuals.

Each company has unique characteristics that define their business. DIC4 Tracking Systems offers Enterprise Edition© software to utilize any combination of the available features to provide valuable business information that best meets specific business needs.

Monitor your fleet in real time on a single computer screen
Increase profits through improved efficiencies, reduced fuel costs, reduced overtime, and insurance discounts

Some of the system’s features include automatic tracking, manual locate, ignition on/off reporting, idle time reporting, geo-fence alerts, speeding alerts, and more.

Track and monitor your assets and fleets 24 hours a day from your computer or smart phone. Our systems allow our customers to focus on their core business, while our Enterprise system works seamlessly in the background. Historical reports are available day or night to keep your mobile employees honest and to optimize your business.


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