Scene Investigation Testimonials:
“I do not feel I would have gotten the information from our insured over the phone that the investigator did in person. Insured was not forthcoming with everything I asked, yet when the investigator was there, he spoke freely – even admitting to drug use. Claim denied due to positive drug/alcohol screen.”

“This was not only a scene investigation but also a coverage/class code investigation involving a fatality of the claimant. It takes more than just a person taking video of someone’s actions. We have many complex coverage cases, so having an experienced insurance claims investigator to carry out the difficult assignments we refer to Direct Insight is imperative. Unlike some of the other vendors who specialize more in surveillance than investigations, Direct Insight provides the whole package.”

“Major class code issue – this was a Michigan policy with Wisconsin exposure, and the claimant resided in Texas. The insured’s policy was for a painting and wallpapering business. The scene investigation revealed that they sandblasted and painted water towers in multiple states. Direct Insight traveled to all three states to investigate the insured, the accident site, and the claimant. Exposure was well over $300K – claim was denied based on findings during scene investigation.”

“Direct Insight was able to find out that the claimant was on medication for pain issues prior to this accident. This allowed us to identify previous medical care and force settlement of $5,000 versus a 14-day hospital stay, lost wages, and permanency.”

“Direct Insight determined that our insured has three other businesses all listed at the same address as our policy, with no separate comp insurance. Also determined that the address of our policy is an office building when in fact we insure a hotel. This resulted in ability to go after additional premium.”

“Scene investigation completed concerning the location of the accident and the capacity in which the claimant was working. Following Direct Insight’s investigation and in-depth legal analysis, this claim was denied. Approximate savings = $179,000.”